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Have Your Battery Checked at Pohanka Nissan in Fredericksburg, VA

Don’t wait until winter to have your battery checked! If there’s an issue, it’s more likely that with low temperatures your car will have a harder time starting the engine. That’s why you need a reliable auto service center to make sure everything is in tip-top shape way before you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Have your battery checked at Pohanka Nissan in Fredericksburg, VA – your local and trustworthy auto dealer and service center.

So, you get into your car, turn the key, and nothing happens. This is probably one of the worst case scenarios any driver dreads, especially if you have to get to work on time in the morning. To prevent this from happening to you, giving your battery the proper checkup and maintenance is key. On average, you should have your battery looked at twice a year and here at Pohanka Nissan of Fredericksburg we have the necessary qualified technicians to provide the proper maintenance your car deserves.

Now, here’s what’s ironic. People usually think chilly weather is what kills batteries, when in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Here’s the reason. As we know, electricity from batteries is originated from a chemical reaction from its components that liberates electrons. For example most cars use a lead-acid battery. As the battery discharges, corrosion forms a coat of lead sulfate, a process that is then reversed as the battery is recharged by the engine. This corrosion process, known as sulfation, is accelerated by heat, as well as by leaving a car unused for long periods of time. Over time, the layers of lead sulfate harden and prevent electricity from flowing. Have your battery checked at Pohanka Nissan in Fredericksburg, VA, to keep a close eye on how your battery is doing, so that when sub-zero temperatures hit, you don’t suffer from any issues. If you have any questions, just fill out our Ask a Tech form here on our website.

Then, considering the above, why do we have the notion that batteries are less effective in the cold? That’s because the engine requires more power to start when the temperatures are colder and those temperatures also make it harder for your battery to provide power. In other words, your car battery did not die because of the cold, it rather enhances or makes evident the battery’s deterioration suffered from heat exposure, being discharged for long periods, or simply because it has reached the end of its lifespan.

Have your battery checked at Pohanka Nissan in Fredericksburg, VA, in a timely manner. Our service center at Pohanka Nissan of Fredericksburg is open six days a week, from morning to evening hours, so there’s always a convenient time to stop by. 

Have Your Battery Checked at Pohanka Nissan in Fredericksburg, VA

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Stephen Holt
September 15, 2017
Jillette Sceriatis
September 12, 2017

Very professional customer care. Fast service. Will visit again.

Dee Dee
September 11, 2017

Everyone was very helpful when purchasing our vehicle, they have free drinks, snacks and even a playroom for children. Very clean and nice. Recommend!!

John Codd
September 10, 2017

Absolutely fantastic buying experience! Class act customer service. Sales team encouraged me to take the vehicle we were interested in home, overnight, so the entire family could look it over. Needless to say, it was a hit! No high-pressure sales tactics. They were in tuned with what we wanted and did everything they could do to get my family the best deal possible. As a military member they thanked me for my service and made a point to introduce me to one of their folks who previously served. We like doing business with companies who show a commitment to those who serve. Especially companies who hire veterans. As long as we are in the Fredericksburg VA area, we will be buying our cars here!

David Harrod
September 10, 2017
Anoud Hassan
September 9, 2017
James Lyles
September 8, 2017

Great service need more mechanics like they had their it's hard to get good mechanics.

Matt Rivera
September 6, 2017
Anoud Habib
September 6, 2017
John Welsh
August 26, 2017

Easiest car buying experience.

Edward Roodhouse
August 26, 2017

What a great place to take your car. Jarred is the man! The service manager Andrea is always sweet and never to busy to smile and say hello. I bring my Subaru and get treated just as great as a Nissan customer. Fast friendly service. The Pohanka team is awesome! Timmy Pohanka even has time to come out and say hello to service customers. I can't say enough about this place.

Nabeel hally
August 10, 2017
Craig Timmermann
August 8, 2017

Great service... staff delivers what you ask for in a professional and courteous way...

Lois Jordan
August 7, 2017

They are always there when you have a question or need service.

Linda Karpiscak
July 28, 2017

We've bought 3 vehicles from here. They have a great waiting area for the service area that offers coffee, tea, hot cocoa, bottled water and snacks. There's also a kid's play room.

Good overall

July 28, 2017

Good overall experience, easy to buy and work with online.

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