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Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in Fredericksburg, VA

Historic Half - Marine Marathon

What Motivates You? #Motivated2run

Are you ready for the Historic Half? Why? Because I Am motivated 2 run. What motivates you? Whether you are running the race or cheering on from the sidelines, the time has come for the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon. On May 17th, 2015, you will get the chance to take on all 13.1 miles of this historic race whether for your own personal triumph or to qualify for the Marine Corps Marathon, whichever reason gets you #motivated2run.

The Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon takes place in Fredericksburg, Virginia, which is located halfway between the capitol of the Commonwealth in Richmond, VA, and our nation’s capital in Washington, DC. This 13.1 mile race will take you winding through history, exploring scenic routes and straight through Fredericksburg, past important historical landmarks and neighborhoods that were home to some of our founding fathers.

The most impressive, and possibly the most feared portion of the Historic Half sits between miles 10 and 11. This stretch rises up in elevation up to 200 ft. and is stuff of local legends. This is Hospital Hill, located next to Mary Washington Healthcare and it is the biggest obstacle between you and the finish line, just over the top. Maybe this very challenge is what gets you #motivated2run.

If conquering Hospital Hill isn’t enough motivation for you 2 run, then maybe the possibility to qualify for a coveted place in the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) will be enough to get your shoes hitting the pavement. If you think you are fast enough, then make sure you pace yourself well enough to take on Hospital Hill like nothing because if your time is fast enough, you could be racing in the MCM. Winners will receive a special code to register for the 40th MCM in October, 2015.

If your motivation 2 run comes from just wanting to finish this historic half-marathon, then you will still be pushing yourself through all 13.1 miles to reach the finish line. At the end, near the top of Hospital Hill, you will cross the finish, cheered on by Marines and will be able to reap the rewards of your efforts with a fantastic finisher’s medal and participant shirt.

Even if you aren’t motivated 2 run, you can still get other #motivated2run by showing your support though Pohanka Nissan’s “Cheer Vehicles.” If you know someone running the race and you want to cheer them on, you could create a message that could be displayed on one of Pohanka Nissan’s new Nissan’s throughout the race. See Pohanka Nissan of Fredericksburg’s Facebook Page for more information or come into our showroom.

The time to run the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon has come again. Are you motivated to run? Why? Because I AM motivated 2 run. What motivates you?

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